I created and paid for this website to keep all members informed of all union issues concerning Correctional Officers, DHS, and YSC-OESS, Riverview Homes, and support personnel in our sheriff department.  This site will, also, keep you informed monthly on all contract issues laid out by District council 33, President Pete Matthews. In addition, when important arbitration news breaks concerning   Read More

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Historic Arbitration Award!!!

Members of Local 159,

I'm proud to announce to you that we've prevailed in our arbitration case against the city!

2015-03-24 | Read More

DC33 Local 159 B Interest Arbitration Hearings

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To all local 159 (chapter B) members

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Local 159 Interest Arbitration Panel

Neutral Arbitrator- Walter H. Detreux III, Esquire

Union Arbitrator- Thomas W. Jennings, Esquire

City of Philadelphia- Kenneth M. Jarin, Esquire

2014-08-06 | Read More

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